How to Make New Friends… Out of Paper!

Papercrafting is best when you’re crafting with friends, but it can be tricky to work around conflicting schedules and long distances. If you find you aren’t able to see your friends quite as often as you’d like to, here’s an idea: Make some new ones!

Paper Pals Stamp + Thin Cuts #ctmh #papercrafting #paperpals
…out of paper of course! While these fun paper dolls won’t be a complete substitute for real-life friends (you’ll want to keep those people around!), the Paper Pals collection gives you the tools to create a whole gang of perky, cheerful buddies who are always there for you and who would be glad to help in a variety of ways! They’ll help you accent a scrapbook layout, brighten a card with their smile, or just hang out and keep you company!
The collection includes four stamp sets with coordinating Thin Cuts shapes. Use the base set to start your Paper Pal, then decorate and accessorize using the boy and girl sets. Be sure to make your paper pal a pal of their own using the Paper Pal Pets set! Each of these sets is available individually, but they can also be purchased all together at a discount in the Paper Pal Bundle!
Paper Pals Stamps + Thin Cuts #ctmh #papercrafting #thincuts #paperdoll
While the clothing items and accessories are packaged into “girl” and “boy” sets, most of the items can used on pals of either gender! The overalls pictured above are included on the “boy” set, but look perfectly feminine in this example. You have total control over the clothes based on your paper and ink choices.
Also, note the difference between the boy and girl hair styles: While the “boy” hair style sits on top of the head like any other paper shape, the “girl” style die cuts a slit that allows you to slide it over the head for a more lifelike look.
These Paper Pals are so much fun to play with that before long, we’re sure that your other friends will be begging you to invite them over to play, too! We hope that you’ll be a good friend and share your new pals with them. And don’t worry, you can always take satisfaction knowing that these Paper Pals were your friends first.
Paper Pals Stamp + Thin Cuts #ctmh #papercrafting #scrapbooking #thincuts #paperdoll

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