Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break!

Well I've been on Spring Break this week and it's going TOO FAST! We're in the middle of State testing at school and I think we all needed a break in routine. Once we start back to school next week we'll finish up with 4th and 5th grade testing and then it won't be long before the end of the school year activities begin. How does the time go so fast?

Right now the weather is beautiful! It will be in the 60's and the sun is actually shining! Spring officially starts tomorrow and of course that means.......a snowstorm! *L Yes.... we have a Winter Weather Advisory until Sunday afternoon. The bulk of the snow may be at the south end of our metro area and I hope they are right! I am NOT in the mood for more snow! I want sunshine and warm temps. If we don't get a lot of snow we have a shot at a day of 70 degrees later next week. Cross your fingers!

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