Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over the Rainbow

D1426 Over the Rainbow

All the recent rain inspired me to look forward to a day of sunshine and warmth. Today was that day! It seems so long since we had a day without rain! The sky seemed bluer, the clouds fluffier and the air had just the perfect feeling of warmth! I sure hope there are more days like this ahead!
So all that wishing for a sunny day had me pulling out this new stamp set: D1426 Over the Rainbow and the Splendor paper kit. What a great set this is and there are even more fun images I haven't used yet! You'll find not 1 but 3 different rainbows along with messages and accent images. Isn't the hot air balloon in the card too cute! This is a set that will always make you feel good whenever you pull it out!
Click here to see more of this set on my website. Go to Online Shopping and type D1426 in the search box.

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