Thursday, July 8, 2010

Washington D.C.

The top two photos were taken from the up in the top of the Washington Monument! It's an incredible view from 500 feet up! The 1st one is looking at the Lincoln Monument with the World War II monument in the foreground. The other is the White House. I was surprised how tucked in it was by the nearby buildings.

We also did a Segway Tour and that was FUN, FUN, FUN! It was a total of 3 hours, the first 30 min was practice and then off we went! We went all over the National Mall area covering about 8 miles in 2.5 hours. Our guide Phil, warned us that we'd be minor celebrities and people would want to take our pictures and talk to us about the segways. He was right! I know my picture was taken at least once! We were so glad we took the 6:00pm tour since temperatures were in the triple digits! At least by then it was a tiny bit more tolerable and we created a breeze on the segway's. Phil did a fantastic job telling us all kind of info at the various places we got to see. I highly recommend CITY SEGWAY TOURS!

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