Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Close To My Heart Closing

Please read to the end. Save this info for the important dates listed. I'll add more info as it comes to me. 

Well, I am here to confirm the news that Close To My Heart will be shutting down operations later this year. I can’t even believe I just typed that! For the past 28 years CTMH has been a huge part of my life. It’s brought me so much joy and so many friendships over the years. It’s helped me grow confidence in myself I never knew I’d have. In short, it’s made me a better version of myself. 

I know this decision came hard for Jeanette. I know she considered all angles and prayed over it before making this choice. Right now there are collaborations with Stampin’ Up to find a solution to our closing. I’m going to keep an open mind and see what comes of that before making any of my own decisions. Change is hard but that is exactly where we’re at right now. 

What does all this mean for us as CTMH customers? Here are some key points and dates I can share right now. I’ll share more info as I get it.

MY WEBSITE: You’ll have access to my website through April 30th. After that you’ll be redirected to place orders directly with CTMH. As of May 1st I will no longer be considered a consultant/maker with CTMH. I will be a customer just like you. CTMH will continue to sell and liquidate product until June 30th.

VIP CUSTOMERS: All VIP Customers who joined or renewed June 1st 2023 - Feb. 29th 2024 will receive a prorated refund. The refund will be based on the number of months remaining until their renewal date. By March 15th an email will be sent to each VIP Customer containing their refund details. 

VIP CUSTOMER CREDITS: You will be able to earn VIP Credits through April 30th. You will need to redeem the credits by May 31st. After that any unused credits will expire.

VIP ORDERS: Beginning March 1st you will be able to use your credits on just about everything! This includes CC items that are part of current and ongoing specials. 

WORKSHOP GUIDES/DIGITAL ART: Online workshop guides and digital art will be available until June 15th. Be sure to start downloading the guides you want now so you don’t miss out on them later. Download those digital art images and upload them to your Cricut account so you don’t lose them. 

CTMH SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: The CTMH Instagram, You Tube and other pages will be live through June 30th. These are the corporate pages not my personal social media pages. I’ll let you know about my personal pages as I make decisions along the way. 

This does not change my passion for papercrafting. I plan to still teach and share what I have learned over the past 28 years. That will have to shift and adjust to the new normal and I will keep you informed of what that will look like as I figure it out.

For now, please continue to enjoy what I have to offer over the next months. If you have questions I’m here to answer as best I can. It’s been a pleasure to share CTMH with you. Thank you for your support and kindness over the years. You’ve made an imprint on my heart. 

Michelle Loncar

CTMH Maker since 1996




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