Friday, April 20, 2018

Picture My Life Blog Hop

Since this is a hop it's one big circle. Just keep clicking on the links to see all the wonderful ideas! the blog ahead of me is Gina Brandstetter.

This hop is featuring our Picture My Life cards. You can buy them in a themed pack or 2 sheets are included in each of the four featured paper packs in our Seasonal Expressions books. These cards can make paper crafting super easy so be sure to give it a try!

Here I've used PML cards from two different packs. The hearts come from the Watercolor Gold pack and I just added a watercolor wash and trimmed it down to the size I needed. The other is from the PML Overlay pack and can be seen on the left side of the card.  This design was inspired by a Pinterest card I saw at Crafts by Patty.

Inside of card

All products are Close To My Heart:
  • Picture My Life Cards ~ Watercolor-Gold, Overlays-White Frame
  • Watercolors
  • Chelsea Gardens
  • Cardstock: Black
  • White Cards and Envelopes Value Pack
  • Exclusive Inks: Black
  • Embellishments: Gold Shimmer Trim, gold Shimmer Brush, Gold Glitter Gems
  • Thin 3D Foam Tape
  • Stamp Set: Happily Ever After
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

Now it's time to hop over and see what Katy Taylor has created to inspire us.

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Butterfly Card ~ Color Dare 289

Black and White are free colors

Open through May 3rd

Isn't this a pretty color combo! I couldn't wait to get my fingers inky
with this Color My Heart  Color Dare Challenge!
When you participate in our challenges there are a couple things you should know. We use Close to My Heart colors but if you don't have the exact color you may substitute something close. Do NOT add any brand new colors to the palette though. Black and White are always allowed unless stated with the color swatches. Each challenge is open for 2 weeks to give you plenty of time to join in the fun. You can make any kind of paper craft you like and just link to the post on our home page.

I decided to use Mink cardstock as my card base and in the background. This really makes the other colors stand out or POP! I used a water brush and ink from the lid of the stamp pad to color the flowers and butterfly. Just for fun there is a bit of shimmer on the butterfly wings. Also, I used our Make It from Your Heart how-to book with a cutting and placement guide. It makes paper crafting quick and easy!

All products are Close To My Heart
  • Stamp Set: Chelsea Gardens - Cardmaking
  • Paper: Gimme Some Sugar
  • Cardstock: Black, White Daisy, Mink
  • Exclusive Inks: Black, Raspberry, Juniper, Mink
  • Tools: Water Brush, Thin 3D Foam Tape, Clear Shimmer Brush
  • Embellishments: Clear Sparkles, Bitty Sparkles, Black Shimmer Trim
  • Make It from Your Heart Volume 4 Pattern 11
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

Now it's your turn to create and share! Use the above colors to make any paper craft you like. Link to our home page because we LOVE seeing what you create!

Have a creative day!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Color Theory: Triadic Color Combinations

Color Theory: Triadic Color Combinations

A triadic color scheme is a lot easier to understand than it may sound. Just like some of the other theories we’ve previously discussed on the blog, triadic color combinations make use of three colors. This time, instead of being next to or opposite each other, triadic colors are three colors that are equally spaced around the color wheel.
Color Theory: Split Complementary #ctmh #closetomyheart #color #theory #split #complementary #scheme #design #colorwheel #exclusive #palette #diy #easy #doityourself #combination #coordination #coordinate
If you aren’t sure if the colors you are choosing to work with are equally spaced, connect the three of them with a line—simply tracing them with your finger will do. If the shape you outline is a triangle with sides of equal length, then your colors are triadic.
Triadic Color Combinations #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhstargazer #stargazer #star #gazer #colortheory #color #theory #redyelloblue #red #yellow #blue #canary #cranberry #sapphire #scheme #combination #vivacious #bright #harmony #harmonious #balance #balanced
To make it even easier, there are only four triadic color combinations on your basic color wheel:
  1. Red, Yellow, Blue
  2. Red-orange, Yellow-green, Blue-violet
  3. Orange, Green, Violet
  4. Yellow-orange, Blue-green, Red-violet.
Once you’ve chosen one of these combinations, jump on the Close To My Heart color wheel and pick from the exclusive colors that fall into each category.
Color Theory: Split Complementary #ctmh #closetomyheart #color #theory #split #complementary #scheme #design #colorwheel #exclusive #palette #diy #easy #doityourself #combination #coordination #coordinate
(Download here.)
Another way to use this would be to start with a color you know you want to use, like Sapphire, and then draw a triangle to determine which other two colors to combine with it. Sapphire is in the blue zone, and we know from drawing a triangle (and from the list above) that yellow and redcomplete the color triad.
Triadic Color Combinations #ctmh #closetomyheart #triadic #color #combination #scheme #harmony #balance #redblueyellow #canary #cranberry #sapphire #layout #page #scrapbooking #scrapbook #boy #space #ctmhstargazer #star #gazer #stargazer #astronaut #space #colortheory
This layout from our Seasonal Expressions idea book makes use of the red, yellow, blue combination using Cranberry, Canary, and Sapphire. We used Sapphire heavily, as the main color, with Cranberry and Canary acting as accents.
While triadic color combinations do not achieve the same level of contrast as complementary colors, they do provide color variety that tends to look more balanced—making it a favorite among artists who love playing with color. Try out a triadic combination on your next project and let us know how it goes!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

CTMH Technique Blog Hop - Creative with Cards

Let's talk TECHNIQUES! This month our group of talented consultants are showing you different ways to use the Picture My Life cards that can be ordered in a pack or that come with one of our Creative Collections paper packs.

Since this is a hop it's one big circle of ideas! I hope you enjoyed the inspiration from
Darlys Recker. Just click the link at the end of each post to
continue along on the hop.

I already had the Gimme Some Sugar paper pack on my desk so I decided that was a good place to start! I selected the PML Card with the floral spray and trimmed it down to fit a standard card front with a mat. With a craft knife I cut some slits in various parts of the design so I could lift that part a bit with foam tape. It give a bit of dimension and makes for some eye candy.  I also used a journal pen to doodle around the edge. Finally I used Shimmer Brushes to give it some sparkle on the flowers.

Shimmer on flowers

inside of card

Close To My Heart Products:
  • Gimme Some Sugar Paper Pack
  • Stamp Set: Chelsea Gardens - Cardmaking
  • Exclusive Inks: Heather, Linen
  • Cardstock: Peacock, Linen, Mink
  • Tools: Thin Cut Basic Banners, Journal Pen, Thin 3D Foam Tape
  • Embellishments: Clear Sparkles, Shimmer Brushes- Clear, Bashful
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too!

Now it's time to hop over and see what inspiration Sarah Devendorf  is sharing.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

It's Flash Sale Friday!

Close to My Heart is having a Flash Sale each Friday in April. It starts at 1:00pm CDT and goes for 24 hours. 

The items are different from the last Flash Sale so be sure to check it out. Some items are current and some retired but all are 25% off!

Shop on my website. Once there click on “Promotions” at the top of the page.

For You Darling Card ~ Color Dare 288

White is Free
OPEN through April 26th

I'm sharing a Mother's Day card because it will be here before you know it. This was an easy card to make because I started with a pattern from our Make It from Your Heart How-to Book! There is a cutting and placement guide to help you finish your card.

Hint: to give some color dimension to flowers you can use the Stamp & Roll technique. Ink your stamp and then roll part of the stamp in another (darker) color then stamp on the cardstock. You can also use this technique using only 1 color. Ink the stamp and stamp on scrap paper. Then go back and roll the stamp on the same ink pad and stamp on the cardstock.

All products are Close To My Heart
  • Stamp Set: For You Darling + Thin Cuts
  • Make It from Your Heart Volume 4 Pattern 11
  • Adventure Fundamentals Paper Pack
  • Cardstock: Mink, Peacock, White Daisy
  • Exclusive Inks: Lagoon, Peacock
  • Embellishments: Silver Shimmer Trim, Clear Shimmer Brush
  • Thin 3D Foam Tape

If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

So not it's your turn to create and share. Use the colors above to create any paper craft you like. If you don't have an exact CTMH color you can substitute something close BUT don't add any brand new colors to the palette. Full details are in the post on the Color My Heart home page. We love seeing what you create!

Have a great day!

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