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Mini is Marvelous - CTMH Technique Blog Hop

Welcome to our monthly Technique Hop. We enjoy showing you any variety of techniques each month and this month we're featuring MINI. It could be mini albums, mini cards...any thing mini is a go this month!

If you've come from Melissa Robinson blog you're on the right path. Click the links in each post to continue along on the hop. 

For this hop I couldn't wait to share this technique! I've been using our reinkers to paint mini landscapes and they turn out so cute! I bought the mini canvases with easels on Amazon and have been making them by the dozen! LOL 

To get started I put a couple drops of the reinker on an acrylic block and used one of our watercolor brushes to paint the details. Start with the lightest color and build up from there. These canvases are 3" x 4"  and I was inspired by many of similar ideas on Pinterest. It's really great when you can use your supplies in other ways than the obvious!

While painting you may want to use a heat tool to gently set the ink rather than let it air dry. I've also used a Clear Shimmer Brush to add some sparkle to the water and sun but couldn't get a photo to show it clearly....but it's there and looks great! Trust me!

Close To My Heart products
  • Reinkers: New England Ivy, Canary, Pewter, Thistle, Nutmeg, Glacier
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • My Acrilyx Blocks
  • Shimmer Brush- Clear
  • Heat Tool
 Shop Amazon for the mini canvas plus easel or your local craft store.

If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too!

Next up is Debi McBain's so hop on over to see what she's sharing today.

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A Thing or Two About Re-Inkers

A Thing or Two About Re-inkers

When creativity strikes, you can be sure to find a full spectrum of color-coordinated products within any Close To My Heart catalog, including our most often unsung hero—the re-inker.About Re-inkers #ctmh #closetomyheart #cmthraddad #ctmhreinkers #reinkers #ink #exclusiveinks™ #ExclusiveInks™ #ctmnexclusiveinks #colorcoordination #color #colour #colourcoodination #colorcoordinating #colourcoordinating #coordinating #matching
Available in every exclusive color, these awesome little ink bottles can be used for so much more than to re-fresh its stamp pad counterpart (although they are pretty great at that, too!). The ink is an acid free, water-based dye that can also be splattered using a paintbrush, misted using a spray pen, mixed with water and painted on for a watercolor look, and applied in as many other creative ways as you can come up with. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, re-inkers make color coordination easy and effortless for any crafter!
About Re-inkers #ctmh #closetomyheart #cmthraddad #ctmhreinkers #reinkers #ink #exclusiveinks™ #ExclusiveInks™ #ctmnexclusiveinks #colorcoordination #color #colour #colourcoodination #colorcoordinating #colourcoordinating #coordinating #matching
Can you spot the ways we used re-inkers in this layout? (Hint, we used them three times.)
1. There’s the Almond “watercolor” wash behind the journaling on the right page. It’s a perfect color match with the Almond cardstock used in the background, tying the journaling aspect of this layout with the visual elements quite nicely.
To achieve this look, mix some ink from a re-inker bottle with a bit of water and then paint away!
If you’re using a paintbrush, add a few drops of ink to the inside of a stamp pad lid along with a few drops of water. Keep in mind that the more water you use, the lighter the color will end up. Pick up the ink with your brush and you’re set! (To avoid water-warped paper, use watercolor paper.) With a waterbrush, you have the option of mixing the ink and water directly in the brush, where you squeeze the diluted ink right onto the bristles.
You are going to love painting with our inks!
2. The second place we used a re-inker was to make the Toffee ink splatters on both pages of this layout.
Again, add a little bit of water to your ink (to dilute the tone as much as you want and so that it will splatter easier than straight ink) and then, with the ink on your brush bristles, gently tap the brush a few inches above where you hope the splatter will land on the artwork.
Were you able to find where we used a re-inker the third time?
3. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…white ribbon dyed Crystal Blue! Dye white ribbons and twines with any of our re-inkers to get just the right color match you need for those finishing touches we all love.
To dye your ribbon, place the cut piece inside a small bag and then add ink. Seal the bag and mix it until you are satisfied with the color. Add more ink, if necessary, either to ensure the entire ribbon gets covered or to darken the tone. When you’re ready to pull the ribbon out, use gloves to avoid getting ink all over your fingers (this can get messy fast). The ribbon will need to dry before you can use it in your artwork. For a faster drying time, use a craft heater (or even a blow dryer could work in this instance).
No matter what, you can always have a ribbon or twine to match your art!
Let’s continue the game….
About Re-inkers #ctmh #closetomyheart #cmthraddad #ctmhreinkers #reinkers #ink #exclusiveinks™ #ExclusiveInks™ #ctmnexclusiveinks #colorcoordination #color #colour #colourcoodination #colorcoordinating #colourcoordinating #coordinating #matching
This card illustrates two additional fun ways to use re-inkers in your artwork. What are they?
(We left off at 3 so let’s just continue the list, shall we?)
4. More splatters, this time with a stencil and a spray pen.
About Re-inkers #ctmh #closetomyheart #cmthraddad #ctmhreinkers #reinkers #ink #exclusiveinks™ #ExclusiveInks™ #ctmnexclusiveinks #colorcoordination #color #colour #colourcoodination #colorcoordinating #colourcoordinating #coordinating #matching #spraypen #splatter #sapphire
Create a white space inside your “splatter zone” with the use of a stencil. We kept things simple in our example and used a circle, but really you can do this with any shape you want—consider all of the Cricut® shapes you have at your disposal and get creative!
To use the spray pen, simply fill it with some water and add a bit of ink from a re-inker bottle, shake, and then spritz. Raise the spray pen higher for a subtler splatter and closer to the paper for a more concentrated splatter. If you want the ink to dry faster, try using rubbing alcohol instead of water.
5. How do you like the ink effect used in the stamped sentiment of this card? With very little effort, you can make your very own multi-color stamp pad.
About Re-inkers #ctmh #closetomyheart #cmthraddad #ctmhreinkers #reinkers #ink #exclusiveinks™ #ExclusiveInks™ #ctmnexclusiveinks #colorcoordination #color #colour #colourcoodination #colorcoordinating #colourcoordinating #coordinating #matching #puddlepad #inkpad #diyinkpad #diy
Fold a few baby wipes in half and stack them on top of each other. (We used four here, but really it depends on how much ink you are using for your project, so consider this number on a case-by-case basis.) Using your trusty re-inker bottles, add different ink colors in a random pattern to the top of your stack of wipes. Allow your ink to spread into each other and then use this “pad” to ink your stamp.
There you have it folks! Effortless color coordination for all of your crafting brought to you by your neighborhood friendly Exclusive Inks™ re-inkers! Available in every exclusive color and formulated from scratch, use these mighty ink bottles along with the ideas we shared today to make your own, one-of-a-kind, designs.
And, of course, if your stamp pad is ever getting dry….
19 Helpful Tips for Using Close To My Heart’s Stamp Pads #infographic #stamping #ink #howto #dye #pigment #coloring #stamp
…use the coordinating re-inker to freshen it up! 🙂

Embossed Card ~ Color Dare 297

(Black and White are free colors)
Open through June 29, 2018

It's Friday so that means a new color challenge from thee Design Team at Color My Heart. For this challenge I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest. The colors are sponged onto the cardstock after embossing the larger piece for the background. the tag is not embossed but still sponged. Very simple to make and with some added details like sparkles and shimmer it turns out nice!

All products are Close To My Heart
  • Stamp Set: Documented - Cardmaking
  • Embossing Folder: Rose
  • Exclusive Inks: Nutmeg, Glacier, Sorbet, Black
  • White Cards and Envelopes Value Pack
  • Cardstock: White Daisy, Black
  • Embellishments: White Ribbon, Clear and Bitty Sparkles, Clear Shimmer Brush
  • Tools: Sponge, Thin 3D Foam Tape
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

So how do these colors inspire you? Create any paper craft you like and link it on our home page. You must use ALL and ONLY the colors of the challenge. If you don't have an exact CTMH match you may substitute something close but don't add any brand new colors to the palette. We LOVE seeing what you create so please share you talent!

Did you know we also have a Buddy Program? We sure do! Details are in the sidebar on the Color My Heart home page. Check it out!

Have a creative day!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Create the Rainbow Special

We have a great special this month called Create the Rainbow
It's colorful and bright and items are 25% off ....well check it out!

This fun card is so bright and cheery and good for just about any occasion. As you can see I made the word rainbow pop with the colors of a rainbow and kept the other part of the sentiment black. It's very simple in design but full of fun!

There is an exclusive stamp set, lots of color coordinated cardstock packs and tons of embellishments like ribbons and gems to shop from with this special. There is something for everyone and is the perfect time to stock up!

Inside of card

Close To My Heart products
  • Stamp Set: Be a Rainbow (available June 1-30, 2018)
  • White Cards and Envelopes Value Pack
  • Central Park paper pack
  • Central Park Sequins
  • Silver Shimmer Trim
  • Exclusive Inks: Black, Poppy, tangerine, Lemon, Willow, Pacifica, Thistle, Pansy
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

Check out the images at the end of this post for a peek at the items on sale.

Have a colorful day!

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Stamp set $17.45, paper packs $7.45, ribbon $1.85 embellishments $2.20 - $5.20




Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 2018 Joyful Stars Blog Hop

Welcome to our June Blog Hop. We're a group of Close To My Heart consultants sharing ideas for paper crafting. If you're coming from Krista Hershberger's blog you're doing fine. Just keep clicking the link in each post to go to the next blog for more great ideas.

I saw a card on Pinterest that inspired me to make this card. It uses Basic Fundamental papers with a pop of color in the flower. The flower and leaves are fussy cut but other than that it's a very easy card to make.  To get the colors just right on the flower and leaves I used a technique called 2nd Generation stamping. To do this ink up your stamp as usual but first stamp it on some scrap paper THEN without reinking stamp it on your cardstock. You get a lighter version of the same color which is a great way to create color layers. The darker ink on the flower is actually a 3rd generation of Eggplant ink so with the darker colors you can go beyond the 2nd generation. Give it a try!

All products are Close To My Heart:
  • Stamp Set: Beautiful Friendship - Scrapbooking
  • Basic Fundamentals paper pack
  • Cardstock: Black, White Daisy
  • Exclusive Inks: Black, Bashful, Eggplant, Fern
  • White Cards and Envelopes Value Pack
  • Gold Glitter Gems
  • Thin 3D Foam Tape
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

Now it's time for you to hop over and see what Andrea Sherman has made to inspire us.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

FLASH SALE starts today!

The Flash Sale starts today June 8th at 4:00pm Central time and ends Saturday June 9th at 4:00pm.

The sale is a mix of current and retired products with a limited supply on hand so shop early!

You can find the Flash Sale on my website.

Documented--Cardmaking ~ Color Dare 296

Black and White are FREE colors
Open through June 21, 2018

My card is inspired by a card from our Seasonal Expressions 2 book, page 47. I really like the angled design and it was easy to make. I cut a 4.5" square of the Pomegranate strip paper then cut it on the diagonal. The extra perk of this card is you get cuts to make TWO cards at once. I did the same with the Toffee cardstock with a 2" square. The banners were cut and dovetailed  for the sentiment area. The little flower is a simple accent and a gold marker was used to color the center.

All products are Close To My Heart
  • Stamp Set: Documented - Cardmaking + Thin Cuts
  • Fundamental Papers: Enchantment, Whimsy
  • White Cards and Envelopes Value Pack
  • Cardstock: Toffee, White Daisy
  • Exclusive Inks: Black, Pomegranate, Juniper
  • Gold Pearls
  • Metallic Gold Marker
  • Thin 3D Foam Tape
If you need a consultant I'd be happy to help.
If you'd like to BE a consultant I can help with that, too.

Now it's your turn to create and share using the colors of this challenge. You must use ALL and ONLY the colors from above but if you don't have the exact CTMH color you may substitute something close. Don't add any brand new colors to the palette, though. Full details are in the post on our home page. Click on the name of each Design Team member to go to their blog and see more info about their creation. Leaving a comment just makes our day!

Did you know we also have a Buddy Program? Click here for more info.

Have a great day!

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